it gets better.

Back in the summer of 2014 when I took these pictures I was pretty blue. I had a lot going on, including a lifelong dream that I had to shelve temporarily because of a my health. A friend invited us to stay in her beautiful home for a few days while she was away, and we spent that time doing country things like kite flying and farm visiting. I remember wishing I could snap out of my depression and feel good again, and while this trip didn't do that for me, it allowed me the space and time to come to terms with my life and its surprises. While most of that summer is a warped memory of trying (and failing) to make the best of things, when I think about it now I want to give past me a hug and tell her it gets better. 
Image: Iona, my mini-me, running with in a farm field with a bag of potato chips. Pascal flies a kite in the distance near the ghost of a barn.