reflections in a mud puddle.

Back in January Josh and I walked from San Luis Obispo to San Miguel, California. Josh grew up in San Luis, and had always wanted to trek the distance between that California Mission and that of its nearest neighbor. Some of the walk was beautiful, and included vistas like this up on Cuesta Grade, with views of the Seven Sisters, unique volcanic morros that stretch to the blue Pacific. But honestly, much of the walk turned out to be along highways and strip malls, past Wal-Marts and along cracked pavement. Our kids joined us on the first and last days, and while they were pretty good sports, there's only so far you can go before they wonder "when are we going to get there?" And "where are we going, anyway?" I took these images of Pascal resting beside a muddy puddle on one of the more bucolic segments of our walk, and that puddle reflects the sky and his questioning look with the lack of clarity I am feeling lately myself.

pascal cuesta grade reflection confusion circle art photo rosemary scott-fishburn.jpg