a single piece of fruit

We have a little peach tree growing in a tiny space between the driveway and the walkway, and every year it flowers, struggles to fruit, and then drops it all in early July. The other day Iona noticed that it had one peach still growing on it, nearly ripe. She pointed it out to a friend of Pascal's who said, "we have a couple of peach trees and they're covered in peaches right now, and we still have so much jam left over from last year!" To which I'm sure I muttered, "bless your heart." 

So often I look around me at what my peers have done, and are doing, their successes and their abundances, and I think about choosing to be an artist, which is simultaneously both my soul and the most unreasonable thing about me (I'm pretty sensible in all other respects) and I can relate to my landscaping in that I am an entire tree struggling to produce a single piece of beautiful, succulent fruit. .

Image: a little girl running among flowering trees.