Future Self

Pascal used to dress up in costumes every day, and around age 5, he became very identity-conscious, and the costumes needed to reflect what he wanted his future job to be. His kindergarten was so rigorous that I allowed him to wear his costumes to school so he could feel like he was playing. He was so serious about the costume/future job connection that even on Halloween he would wear his usual costumes so that nobody would think he was anything but a firefighter, or an Air Force officer who jumps out of a helicopter with a hatchet (! ??) We laughed about this today, even as he donned an elaborate storm trooper outfit at age 9. He no longer needs his external self to reflect his future goals, but can relax into a character and a mode of play that I admire. 
So much of my effort is spent chasing after my future self. The distance calls, the goals call, the dreams beckon, and I guess I don't usually even reach them. Or if I do, they're not what I thought they would be. I could use a page out of this kid's play book. 
Image: Pascal chasing his future self across a verdant field.