what time is it?

This summer I made a tough decision not to show my work at a local venue. It was going to be easy. Low hanging fruit. Until it became obvious that the space was absolutely not conducive to my work and that showing there would be a step backward. Problem was, I had spent two months creating a full body of work to exhibit there that is now scattered throughout my dining room, cluttering up the piano and every other horizontal surface. 

I spoke with an artist friend this summer who turned me on to the idea that there is a time for making and a time for promoting. After the upset at the end of August, I haven't known what time it is at all. I have this orphan work. I haven't made much (other than photographing for future projects). My materials fund is almost empty. Do I enter juried shows? Send out proposals to galleries? Start a new project? Get a day job? 

I do have some exciting prospects for future work, and I have heard that the New Orleans show is going really well. What do you do when courses change? I would love to hear from you.